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27 Apr 2012

Take a look behind the scenes of reclaimed teak wood! A great video

Behind the scenes of reclaimed teak wood!

29 Feb 2012

Giving Back

ReOrient is always thinking about how it can give back to the communities in Indonesia, where our furniture is made. Check this impressive local initiative called Trees 4 Trees, our manufacturers are proudly involved!

15 Feb 2012

Easily remove accidental furniture stains with totally natural ingredients you use everyday!

Whats’s something you use every day that wipes out water stains on your furniture? Hint: It’s in your medicine cabinet. Grease stains? A common cooking ingredient will restore your furniture like new. One of our customers was frantic to clean… Continue reading →

08 Feb 2012

How to get Reclaimed Teak Wood..6 river crossings…no bridge..a journey!

from our manufacturer, d-bodhi: When you only see the finished furniture, you would have no idea what goes into making it. That’s why we thought it was time to share more of our story. Obtaining wood for production is much… Continue reading →

03 Feb 2012

Less is more

Have you ever been in a home and felt you were back in the Victorian era? Where there’s so much furniture you can hardly walk around (without tripping over something)? When furnishing a space, there’s a fine balance to be… Continue reading →

24 Jan 2012

Lucy collection using old Indonesian teak benches, Dingklik

All over Java small roadside eating carts called angkringan get wheeled into place each day. From lunch time bowls of steaming chicken soup … to late into the night discussions over cups of hot tea and tasty snacks … people… Continue reading →

10 Jan 2012

New Ferum Collection

The New Ferum Collection, recycled fishing boats and black iron, available at Reorient. You like it?

15 Dec 2011

(Français) Lit ReOrient dans une maison modele/ ReOrient Recycled Teak bed in a Model Home

If you come by Ottawa and visit the Scotiabank place, go and see the Bonneville model home, nicely decorated by Mikaza and featuring ReOrient recycled teak pieces

15 Dec 2011

ReOrient Bed displayed in Bonneville Model Home

If you happen to be in Ottawa and you pass by the Scotiabank place, come and visit a model home by Bonneville beautifully decorated by Mikaza and with several pieces of recycled teak furniture from ReOrient! Check it out…… Continue reading →

12 Dec 2011

Winter, Christmas and giving back

A wonderful time of the year, where we should all be thankful and thinking about our families and how blessed we are if we have them, and can share these moments with them. I often find myself not  thrilled about… Continue reading →