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The story of our reclaimed teak

Once on the island of Java, teak trees that were selected for construction were between 80 and 100 years old. Teak is a slow-growing tree, after his first 20 years of life, the tree growth slows down until it gets to be 70 to 80 years. This is the point when the teak tree will reveal its best qualities.

The reclaimed teak wood used in our furniture, is extracted from neglected buildings or old warehouses and railroad tracks, mainly situated in Central Java. Typically, the wood would have been dismantled and often used for fire wood. The teak timbers are salvaged and collected in a responsible manner where only wood from buildings with no historical or cultural vocations is selected.

The recycled teak has features particularly attractive and unique because of its durability and strength, it shows very little response to climate change between North America and Asia. Its natural brown color, gives it a warm and unique charm. All of our furniture is hand made and no large machines are used, giving an authentic and skillful touch to each piece.

Most of our current collections are designed and manufactured by d-bodhi. All pictures, unless stated so, are copyrighted to d-bodhi.